Ashok Tankala

Freelance CTO/Tech Advisor

Leadership and Executive Coach

About Me

As a freelance CTO, leadership and executive coach, I leverage my 16+ years of experience in the software industry to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals and vision.

I offer web application development services, working closely with clients to understand their needs and deliver customized solutions using the latest technologies and best practices.

Whether you are changing careers, pursuing a promotion, taking on a leadership role, or facing a challenge, I can help you break your limiting beliefs and identify your strengths and values to align your steps with your unique definition of success. My mission is to guide and support aspiring and emerging leaders in gaining clarity and realizing their best potential, so they can build, sustain and live a life of meaning and purpose within and beyond the corporate walls.

Let me tell you what I bring to the Table;
1) 16+ years of career in the Software Industry.
2) Proven track record of simultaneously building and leading multiple teams and branches.
3) 14 years of experience as a founding team member at a unicorn company.


Very good knowledge of Flask, Spring Boot, Express js, Vue js and React js


Very Good knowledge of Python, Java and Node.js


Technology Consultant

Remote — 2023-Present

  • Working on improving Used Car Price prediction and recommendations.
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Technology Consultant

Remote — 2023-Present

  • Working on improving the architecture and performance of existing applications.
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Hyderabad, Telangana — 2021-2023

  • Developed and led long-term technology vision and strategic plans for the company.
  • Lead a complete overhaul of the flagship product which resulted in 50% performance improvement and 50% cost reduction and also helped in the company's revenue increase of more than 200%.
  • Managing the entire Hyderabad development center for KC Overseas and Expanded tech team from 8 to 25 to support and build the company's 3 core products.
  • Collaborated cross-functionally to identify & implement cutting-edge solutions.
  • Initiated and coordinated the implementation of security measures across the company's products and IT infrastructure.
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Hyderabad, Telangana — 2007-2021

  • Managed a Web and Mobile App Analytics platform called Connecto. Made several changes at the architectural and application level to handle data of 2 million profiles & 50+ million requests per day. This application was the core of companywide data intelligence.
  • Started Hyderabad branch and scaled up to 150 people.
  • Rebuilt CRM application for Car Dealerships using Multi-tenant microservice architecture. Delivered beta product to the customer in 1 and a half month time. Currently in use at all dealerships of Honda and Ford in India, Thailand, and other APAC countries.
  • Managed a team of 10 Data Scientists for the company's Machine Learning projects (NLP Chatbot, Image Masking, User Scoring, Recommendation and Used Car Pricing).
  • Built a multi-tenant contextual NLP chatbot application which was handling 96% of the unstructured conversations.
  • Built Web Automation testing framework to support all the GirnarSoft products. Trained more than 30 manual testers on it. This has aided the business in having a ready-made automated testing workforce.
  • Worked on several projects (BotsDekho, Used Car Pricing, Number Plate Masking, Connecto, DealerMart,​, Accept 360,​ c​​,​ ​​, DCM,​ ​​,​,​​, Money Tracker, Lead Scoring, Nextance).
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Technology Consultant


  • Worked on multiple microservices to improve application performance.
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Course Finder

  • Building team to improve the existing application to support the growth(30x) we expect in the next 5 years.
  • Planning and implementing the technology and product roadmap, interfacing with the customers and business team and reporting to the CEO.

Course Finder is an EdTech platform that enables KC and its channel partners across India and abroad to search, shortlist and get admissions for students to universities across the globe.

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  • Built a multi-tenant contextual NLP ML module from scratch.
  • Handling 96% of the unstructured conversations for without any human intervention.

BotsDekho is a simple way of building a conversational chatbot with Text & Video options, with Guided, NLU (natural language understanding), and Hybrid–all 3 processes.

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  • Worked in CarDekho used cars, LMS(Lead Management System) projects.
  • Rewrote whole LMS application with 10 person team to support microservice architecture and multi-tenant architecture using Java, Spring Boot, MongoDB. Delivered beta product to the customer in 1 and half month time.
  • Right now our LMS application is used at all Honda India dealerships, all Ford APAC region dealerships. is India's no. 1 Auto portal catering to the car buyers by giving them unbiased reviews, great deals on cars, finance and insurance.

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  • Made several changes at the architectural and application level to handle 50+ million requests per day.
  • Worked on interesting tech stack - Node.js, AngularJS, ExpressJS, Cassandra, Kafka, MongoDB, and Druid.
  • Built a deep learning model using TensorFlow for predicting whether the user buys a car or not if he/she will buy then which car with the accuracy of 81%.

Connecto brings together real-time user insights, an advanced segmentation engine, and easy-to-use marketing tools — giving your team the power to create amazing experiences that deepen customer relationships.

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Personal Projects

pip Trends

  • Built using tech stack - Vue.js, Python, Flask.

Want to know about a Python Package or Which Python Python package should you use? pip trends will help you in getting packages downloads stats and their information. Spot trends, pick the winner!

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  • Built using tech stack - Node.js, Vue.js, ExpressJS,, WebRTC.

An Anonymous, Peer to Peer instant messenger.